Results for the ACT State Indoor Championships held on Saturday, 7th June and Sunday 8th June 2014.

Competition format:

    • Saturday - FITA 18m (60 arrows)
    • Sunday   - AUS 18m (30 arrows)
                         AUS 18m (30 arrows)

NameClubDivisionFITA 18mAUS 18m-1AUS 18m-2TotalPlace
Alannah BourandanisTuggeranong Archery ClubFemale Cadet Recurve1651331304281
Rowley, Ella Tuggeranong Archery ClubFemale Cubs Barebow Compound3771781877421
Piromalli, NIkitaTuggeranong Archery ClubFemale Cubs Barebow Compound213136964452
Woodward, AlyceTuggeranong Archery ClubFemale Cubs Compound4862282089221
Ruskin, EmilyTuggeranong Archery ClubFemale Cubs Compound4112332098532
Piromalli, AlannahTuggeranong Archery ClubFemale Cubs Compound16488983503
Heldon, EmmaWeston Valley Archery ClubFemale Cubs Compound9345581964
Cox, JessicaCanberra Archery ClubFemale Cubs Recurve4932312279511
Chloe BrettTuggeranong Archery ClubFemale Junior Recurve3381661716751
Kerry DonaldWeston Valley Archery ClubFemale Masters Recurve51523425710061
Pawson, MunaTuggeranong Archery ClubFemale Open Barebow Recurve3491701806991
Rachel MorganTuggeranong Archery ClubFemale Open Compound57729629711701
Robyn BrownTuggeranong Archery ClubFemale Open Compound51025925410232
Johnson, ClaireWeston Valley Archery ClubFemale Open Recurve5032292499811
Elliott, JamesWeston Valley Archery ClubMale Cadet Barebow Recurve3001721806521
Lockwood, MattTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Cadet Compound54929729611421
Jason HurnallCanberra Archery ClubMale Cub Recurve3621761937311
Reynolds, RylieTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Cubs Barebow Compound3681771587031
Pawson, MatthewTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Cubs Barebow Compound2451201254902
Rowley, NathanTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Intermediate Compound55028728611231
Salvestro, LawrenceTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Intermediate Compound4552602599742
Brookes, RileyTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Intermediate Compound4772282299343
Woodward, LukeTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Intermediate Para Compound227891154311
Lindsay, AndrewCanberra Archery ClubMale Masters Compound57029629811641
Smith, PaulCanberra Archery ClubMale Masters Compound53327426410712
Woods, LesCanberra Archery ClubMale Masters Compound52527226310603
Middendorp, GerardAngel ArchersMale Masters Recurve54323727610561
Boothman, DerekTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Masters Recurve4872432689982
MacKinnon, IanTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Masters Recurve4832432349603
Luobikis, DennisTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Masters Recurve4822412169394
Maguire, RobertTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Masters Recurve4642302339275
Blunden, AndrewArchers of GreenwoodMale Masters Recurve4422212268896
Fisher, MichaelTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Open Barebow Recurve53227226310671
Turner, MickTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Open Barebow Recurve4322272408992
Fisher, MichaelTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Open Compound57029829611641
Kilby, CraeQueanbeyan Archery ClubMale Open Compound56629329411532
Currall, DannyTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Open Compound56328729011403
Rowley, MichaelTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Open Compound54527628411054
Coleman, JamieTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Open Compound54427228310995
Ockerby, ChristopherTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Open Compound4902322419636
Sutton, MichaelTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Open Compound4602282289167
Patrick GodwinCanberra Archery ClubMale Open Compound5335338
Middendorp, GerardAngel ArchersMale Open Recurve53727226610751
Mallett, DarrenCanberra Archery ClubMale Open Recurve52226726910582
Cox, GregCanberra Archery ClubMale Open Recurve51525025210173
Burriss, BrettCanberra Archery ClubMale Open Recurve4712372419494
Excell, AdrianWeston Valley Archery ClubMale Open Recurve3692241987915
Luobikis, DennisTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Veterans Recurve4912532059491
Wylie, ClintonTuggeranong Archery ClubMasters Male Longbow19299693601


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