Results for the ACT State Field Championships - 2014

Host Tuggeranong Archery Club  
Event ACT State Field Championships  
Date 29/03/2014 and 30/03/2014  
Judges Stephen Caldicott 29/03/2014
  Ken Moylan
  Stephen Caldicott 30/03/2014
  Stuart Atkins

Competition format:

    • Saturday - FITA Field Unmarked 24 Targets
    • Sunday   - FITA Field Marked 24 Targets

NameClubDivision29/3/2014 Unmarked30/3/2014 MarkedTotalPlace
Kilby, CraeQueanbeyan Archery ClubMale Open Compound3933657581
Pawson, BenTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Open Compound3643737372
Merigan, RobertLiverpool City Archers IncMale Open Compound3723477193
Rowley, MichaelTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Open Compound3323236554
Stevens, MarkLiverpool City Archers IncMale Open Compound3093096185
Woods, LesCanberra Archery ClubMale Masters Compound2602625221
Dyer, GeoffLiverpool City Archers IncMale Veterans Compound3553376921
Hulbert, KevinLiverpool City Archers IncMale Veterans Compound2592304892
Rossiter, JarrodTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Cadets Compound3833817641
Rowley, NathanTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Intermediate Compound3533466991
Salvestro, LawrenceTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Intermediate Compound3373336702
Brookes, RileyTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Cubs Compound2783055831
Pianca, SeanWarringah ArchersMale Junior Compound3823797611
Pawson, MatthewTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Cubs Barebow Compound1451252701
Salvestro, MaddieTuggeranong Archery ClubFemale Cadets Compound3943957891
Rowley, Ella Tuggeranong Archery ClubFemale Cubs Barebow Compound2241954191
Ruskin, EmilyTuggeranong Archery ClubFemale Cubs Compound2822475291
Fisher, MichaelTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Open Barebow Recurve3573316881
Turner, MickTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Open Barebow Recurve3233026252
Hardy, NealCanberra Archery ClubMale Veterans Barebow Recurve1901673571
Maguire, RobertTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Masters Recurve2251743991
Luobikis, DennisTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Veterans Recurve2702385081
Diann BensonSouthern Highland ArchersFemale Open Compound3483481
Wu, ShennaBurilda Archery Club Inc.Female Open Recurve2962935891
Biondo, DanaTuggeranong Archery ClubFemale Cadets Recurve3152825971
Atkins, FrancesCanberra Archery ClubFemale Open Barebow2922325241
Scott, TrudySherbrooke Archers IncFemale Open Barebow3041975012
Pawson, MunaTuggeranong Archery ClubFemale Open Barebow2151904053
Avent, AlanTuggeranong Archery ClubMale Open Longbow1731383111


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