TAC Eclectic Summer Field Competition

The TAC Committee are encouraging members to make more use of our beautiful Field Course and over the Daylight Savings Period will be running two ‘eclectic’ style field competitions with prize money on offer. The rules for the eclectic competition are attached and are devised to create a competition that archers of all skill levels can compete on an equal basis and have an equal chance of winning. The format is also flexible so that archers can shoot competition rounds on any day or time that suits.

Click here for the competition rules

We hope to see you on the field.

Quick Questions

How do I enter?

Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and arrange to pay the $50 entry fee.

When does the competition start?

For the Spring Competition...Archers may begin shooting rounds from Sunday, 2nd October. The final round for the Spring Competition must be shot on or before Sunday, 18th December.

For the Summer Competition...Archers may begin shooting rounds from Sunday, 1st January. The final round for the Spring Competition must be shot on or before Sunday, 2nd April.

I am not a member of TAC. Can I Enter?

Registered members of other AA clubs are more than welcome to compete in this competition. However, due to the required security arrangements for the TAC grounds, members of other clubs will need to pre-arrange access with a TAC member. More details about this will be made available closer to the competition commencement date.

Members of other clubs will not be required to pay range fees when shooting a round of the eclectic competition.

What is an 'Eclectic' Competition?

An eclectic competition is shot over many rounds over a period of time and allows the Archer to 'pick and choose' their best target scores to produce a final 'best' round score over the course of the competition. As each round is shot the Archer may elect to 'lock-in' a target score if they think that that is the best score that they can shoot for that target. However...if an Archer locks in a score on a target then they cannot lock-in a better score in a subsequent round.

Archers must shoot at least four rounds over the competition period to be eligible to win the prizes.

How do I fill in the Eclectic Scorecard?

THe Eclectic Scorecard is slightly different from the normal WA Field Scorecard. It contains three columns for each target where the Archer may indicate, by writing an 'X' in the boxes to indicate that they wish to:

  • Lock-in the score for a target
  • Claim a bonus point for an 'All Gold'
  • Claim a bonus point for a 6-6-6.

Click here to view an example of a completed Eclectic Scorecard.

What happens if scores are not locked in for some targets by the end of the competition?

Where no score has been locked in for a target then the eclectic score for that target will be the average score for that target across all rounds of the competition. As such it is in the best interests of the Archer to lock in their best scores.

Why use handicaps?

The AA handicap system levels scores across divisions and classes and produces a comparable score regardless of skill level. However...the handicapping system does favour novice archers who are likley to produce a score well in excess of the handicap level unlike elite archers who cannot shoot much better than their handicap. To counter this and better level the scores the eclectic competition also uses 'bonus points'.

Please Explain Bonus Points?

Over the course of the competition Archers may also claim bonus points for each target when the shoot an 'All Gold' and/or '6-6-6'. Elite Archers are more likely to shoot All GOlds and 6-6-6s so that helps to level the scores and counter the handicap bias towards novice archers.

Bonus points can only be claimed once for each target for each All Gold and 6-6-6. THis means that an Archer can claim a maximum of 48 bonus points over the competition if they were to shoot an All Gold and a 6-6-6 on every target.

How is the Winner Decided?

The winner will be the Archer, at the end on the competition, who has the highest eclectic score plus handicap allowance plus bonus points.

The handicap used will be the Archers handicap as calculated by Archers Diary as at the end date of the competition.

How do I track my progress in the competition?

The TAC Recorder will publish updated weekly results on the TAC website so that Archers can see where they stand and what targets have been locked in and had bonus points claimed.

How much does it cost?

The entry fee will be $50 per archer per competition.

50% of the competition fees (up to a maximum of $500) will be returned to TAC to cover the cost of consumables and field course maintenance.

All other competition fees will go to the prize pool and distributed as follows:

  • 1st - 50%
  • 2nd - 35%
  • 3rd - 15%

TAC considers that, for the competition to be viable, will require a minimum of 10 Archers to compete.

Any other questions?

For any other questions please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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